Audi A3 Problem Report

Audi A3 Ignition Coils May Fail

(8 reports)

An engine misfire may develop from one or more cylinders resulting in a loss of power and illumination of the Check Engine Light. Our technicians tell us that ignition coil failure is a common cause for this concern. On high mileage vehicles it may be wise to consider replacing all of the ignition coils if one fails to try and avoid future misfire issues on another cylinder.

Engine light came on. Had to replace thermostat and all four ignition coils. -
Check engine light came on, and engine just wasn't responding in terms of power. Luckily there was repair place near by. They checked the system and determined it was the coils. Had them replaced and the car is running much better. -
Continuous problems since coils replaced under recall program. -
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