Ignition coils on 1999 Lexus RX300

how much does it cost to replace the ignition coils in the RX300

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labor is 1.7 hours and OEM coils are $101.57 times 6
Thanks for the reply, can you recommend a place to get this done in Issaquah WA, i found a place and seems I am being ripped off, the mechanic doubled the price, he told me it cost about 171 a piece, i did my own research and found out that wasnt true, and called him back telling him to reduce the price.
I always dread fixing cars for reasons like this, people are always trying to rip you off.
first, if you have a misfire, it is usually confined to just one cylinder. dealers like to replace all of them, instead of simply replacing the one bad coil. the shop you chose cannot be trusted; they are the exception. most shops
are owner operated and they will go the extra mile to help a regular customer. So, please, don't say they are "always" trying to rip you off. second, you need to find a good Japanese specialist....there are some like
Greg's ( and they have several locations near Bellevue/Renton/Kent/Seattle. The best referral a shop
can get is a satisfied customer, so ask other Lexus owners.