Ignition Coils on 2005 Audi A4 Quattro

I have an '05 A4 Quattro. I've replaced the all four of the ignition coils each twice myself. I continue to have issues with the coils going bad. I finally took it to a shop to get looked at and they talked to me about putting in higher grade coils, which I did. Makes sense as I was using generic parts previously to save some cash. Well now I'm still experiencing issues with my ignition coils going bad. Any suggestions on what may be a root cause, or am I doomed to replace coils every 5K miles? Thanks.

by in Columbus, GA on March 15, 2010
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ANSWER by on March 15, 2010
the dealer will replace them for "free!!!" why are you paying for them? the only thing that will kill coils regularly would be pressure washing the engine allowing water to get in the spark plug holes.
COMMENT by on March 15, 2010
if you have reciepts for coils you may be able to be reimbursed from audi.
COMMENT by on March 16, 2010
Although what you say may be true, I've never once pressure washed my engine. Additionally the warranty on the vehicle is up, so I don't see how they would replace coils for free.
COMMENT by on March 16, 2010
the tech bulletin referes to an upcoming recall 28f2 that covers coil replacement. in the interim the bulletin allows for coil replacement if your car is within the vin range which it should be. A4 05 C 000595 – 126142 A4 05 F 405683 – 579570 A4 05 G 409266 – 579567 A4 05 L 000614 – 579574 A4 05 T 000571 - 126039 the letters are in the 5th digit 05 is model year and whoever rated my answer a 3 sucks. i did not mean to say you washed your engine but fluid in the holes is the only thing i've seen cause repeat problems on multiple cylinders.
COMMENT by on June 23, 2010
I just got new coils for free for my A4 jim in fort wayne
ANSWER by on April 25, 2010
replace the coil modulator beneath the coil packs, make sure the plates are clean and use an electronic silicone between the plate and modulator so it doesn't short out again. that should fix your problem. you can get the silicone at any auto part store. the silicone keeps the modulator from overheating and shorting out which makes your coil packs go bad.
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