Ignition Coil Problem on 2003 Nissan Maxima

I have had to replace ignition coil #6,3 weeks ago, at a shop parts and labor $119. I am now looking to order 5 of them and have a friend help me replace them,he said they were easy to replace. I have watch this video that i found on You tube from 1A Auto, and the front one's seem easy to replace just the rear one's I would need help with, since my friend is a mechanic, I'll have him help me. I have had a quote from Nisaan, they'll replace 5 for 1,156.44, parts $610.50, labor is $485.94 and Mcspadden $820, parts are $120 piece,labor is $200, Nisaan also told me that I had a lean code bank 2, they weren't able to tell me exactly what this was, with out looking into it more that would have cost me $150 for est 3-4 more hours. I just had a free evaluation done. They said fuel system...something and that the harness connectors at coil packs are all broken, and that they haven't fell off yet. Right now the car drives like nothing is wrong, it'll flare up, off and on...So, I am only trying to drive it when necessary, scared it'll go out completely and then I would have to have the car towed. My car has est 188k miles on it. I noticed yesterday after getting some gas, afterwards, I smelled gas inside the car, this has since gone away. I have all ready had the pcv valve replaced est 6 mo ago.

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