Nissan Pathfinder Problem Report

Nissan Pathfinder Ignition coil may cause misfires and Check Engine Light

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Problems with the ignition coil can cause poor engine performance due to misfires and the symptoms may be intermittent. This may cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Model is 2001 Exactly 1 year ago the problem happened 1 time. When I drive 1 hour or above frequently with a minimum speed of 100 km, the engine is trying to take more 'load' and the rpm level go up from 2 to 4. Then I have drive less than a speed of 80 km but still the problem continues. Also, the 'service engine soon' light comes up! A year back I changed one of the ignition coil and now exactly after a year it shows the same problem! Kindly advise soon!! -
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