Ignition coil and controller replacement on 2000 Honda Civic

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What is the estimate for a replacement ignition coil and controller, I have been quoted as$850 and feel that it is really expensive.
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They are quoting you for the entire factory distributor, which runs about $850. A coil is $120 and an igniter ( term for the ignition control module ) is $240. Be sure that the Diagnosis is correct. Why do you need both? I have done a many Honda no spark repairs. There is sometimes a code to help diagnose the problem. Maybe it is the pick-up coil inside the distributor? I have seen that as well, it usually sets a code.
Thanks so much for your response. The car had an issue with the power a couple months ago, it kept losing power especially accelarating up hill. The garage I took it to replaced the spark plugs and it seemed to be doing better, however the 'check engine' light has been on since I bought the car. This garage said they thought this was due to the catalytic converter but wasn't essentail to deal with at this time. Then I was driving last week and heard a sort of pop, I thought I had run over a rock and got a puncture, the car started slowing, I stopped to take a look, there was nothing but the car wouldn't start at all. I got it towed to the nearest garage. They said that there was a lot of corrosion and the current must have been jumping for some time, and that this had caused damage to the electronic controller. He said it took them a lot of investigating to find this out. The car had previously been running ok, but sometimes I did notice a slight burning smell when I turned the car off in the last few weeks.