ignition coil on 1994 Mazda B3000

5, 6 weeks ago the truck wouldn't start; mechanic said it was the ignition coil and replaced it. Last week it wouldn't start, they replaced the ignition coil. 5 days later, ditto. Note that each time the engine would turn over, but the truck wouldn't start. Any ideas on why the ignition coil would keep burning out? Could they be replacing it with a substandard coil that can't handle the current?

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It is possible the quality of the replacement part is in question.

I would be wondering if another component is instead failing. If this latest coil "fails", I would certainly pursue further diagnosis.
The car started up when they got it, and their diagnostic equipment didn't show anything wrong. I was thinking maybe the ignition coil isn't the problem, but the fuel filter? It seems to not be starting on hot days after I've driven and let the car rest a little while. I asked the mechanic, all he would say is bring it back when it breaks down again since they can't figure it out while it works.
Going from an ignition coil to a fuel filter shows pure guess work and no scientific test strategy at all.

Stick to the basics: First, nothing is going to show up until a failure occurs. When the failure occurs - check for spark, check for fuel. One will be missing. Whichever one is missing needs tested. I'm thinking the coil was installed and the truck started by chance, not because the coil was faulty. Coils typically aren't intermittent failures - they are kind of...working...then...not at all. I would suspect more a camshaft position sensor (stator) failure, or an ignition module failure for intermittent ignition issues, and a fuel pump for intermittent fuel issues. Good luck.