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2002 Volkswagen Jetta Question: Ignition Coil

Hi, thank you for your quick reply it was very helpful, though I need some clarifications.. I have an AZG engine code. The ignition coil is just one piece, one black square item that all 4 of the spark plug wires go to. (http://www.statracing.com/oem-replacement/wizard.asp?eng=null&cha=null&year=2002&make=VW&model=JET-GLS-002&category=F&part=Ignition+Coil if you need to see it) So why would the code specifically refer to ignition timing cylinder #2 ? Also, if the ignition coil may be failing, do I need to replace the spark plug wires as well? Is there anything else I should replace while I'm in there? Thank you. -
Answer 1
Good thing you pointed that out, the coils I have seen fail are the individual type, not this type, and this very well can be a wiring issue like you originally stated. Check the wiring really good, especially where the harness rubs against anything. Pull the connector of the coil, inspect the terminals for corrosion and terminals that are spread open and possibly not making contact. I don't believe this can be caused by the wires/spark plug or cylinder condition, so focus on the wiring and the coil. I wish I had better info, I hope it helps! Good Luck and let us know what you find out! Code 17766 = P1358, Cylinder 2, ignition circuit Open Circuit -
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