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1996 Dodge Dakota Question: ignition coil

my dodge will not fire.i'm not getting any fire out of the ignition coil. i pulled the wires off the back of the coil and used a light tester and it shows no power coming out of them. The truck has been sitting for about six months. It will turn over. you can turn the truck over and touch the coil and it is dead. thanks if you have feed back -
Answer 1
The dark green/orange wire at the ignition coil brings power from the automatic shut down relay to the coil the gray wire get grounded /pulsed by the computer to turn on and off the ignition coil and create spark. The shut down relay also brings power to the injectors. Get some one to crank over the car while you check for power at the coil on the dark green orange wire. You said the truck has sat for a while check for rodent damage to the wiring. -
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Autotechpat. thank you so much for your help there is power there. All the wires look great. Now one more question. could it just be a bad coil. Troy -
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put new coil on tonight checked what you said to do. but im still not getting any spark from the new coil. i also tested the injector wires and i get power in them when i crank it over -
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