Ignition coil on 2007 Lexus ES350

I have been complaing to the dealership about a rough engine and lack of acceleration since it was at 40,000 miles. Nothing was ever found out or fixed and I continued to have the problems. I am now at 80,000 miles, the check engine light is on as well as the check vsc, the rumbling is worse as is the lack of acceleration and the reving of the engine. I took it in and they say it needs a new coil and in fact all of the coils should be replaced while they are in there! Looking at the coomon symptoms of ignition coil failure, why wasnt this checked when i was complaining about while under warranty? Should i question lexus about this?

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The exact same thing happened to me. Last February they replaced #4 when the car waas still under warranty. As the experts they should have known to replace all 6. Last week (Monday) I had to get #2 replaced and then again Thursday the check engine light came back on and I took it back on and they said #3 should be replaced as well as the other 4. I was soooo pissed. Now I have to look for coils and find someone to put them in for me. Don't go to Lexus to get the work done
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Rough idle and bad coil would have showed a check engine light and would have directed the technician to the faulty coil. Even if one coil is bad, that is the only coil to be replaced. Coils do not wear out. There is no reason to change ALL of them. If your vehicle had a check engine light at 40k miles, it would have been replaced under warranty. If other coils start to go bad, it's usually caused by another circumstance which needs to be diagnosed. Probably due to bad gas, chewed wires by critters, and such.
Spend the money at a dealer to have your vehicle properly diagnosed.