ignition on 2000 Toyota Tacoma

i replaced ignition and now it wont stay started

by in Phoenix, AZ on March 01, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on March 01, 2011
what's an ignition???
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...the trans out of Park and back, it will occasionally allow the key to turn. Is this a Trans or ignition problem?
this truck miss fire on # 4 cylder, i did chge new plugs, set of wires,and 1 ignition coil on #4, still miss fire #4 what else can be the problem. need help and any other have a re...
Has anyone worked on the code P0303 and P1310 igniter circuit bank 2(cyl 2 & 3)?
...and everything lights up but the start is dead. after a few more tries it starts. Replaced the ignition switch, no help.

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