Ignition coils failing due to bad ground on Nissan Quest

Average mileage: 108,261 (65,000–140,000)
Engine affected: 3.5L V6
2 model years affected: 2004, 2007
5 people reported this problem
4 people shared problem details
Our repair shop has recently had issue with 04 quest burning out ign coils after 2 days of driving with replacement of all 6 coils. Thought we had defective coils so we replaced again, 2 days later same problem. Found ground cable from battery was completely broken off where it mounts to the transmission under the battery tray, resulting the eng to ground through the coil grounds burning them out. Replacing rear three coils 3 times was a tremendous loss but root problem was found. New ground cable fixed our problem.
Quest 2004 drivers, check your main ground cable for deterioration or risk dangerous problem. Coils and computer burn out when cable snaps. While driving in heavy traffic along the winding parts of FDR Drive in New York at about 45 MPH, my 2004 Quest stalled and I was left with no power. I restarted the engine in Neutral and moved to right lane and continued to drive to next exit as there's no shoulder on FDR. The engine stalled twice and I restarted it before reaching the exit, and white smoke with electrical burning smell rose from the engine compartment. The engine huffed and sputtered and white smoke billowed with no power to get the car over a very slight incline. I smelled gasoline and knew that engine combustion was affected. I had it towed to Nissan dealer who announced that the main ground wire had snapped and all the coils and computer shorted. He replaced everything and the charge was $2500. He also replaced the catalytic converter at no charge because it was covered.
2007 Nissan Quest- 3.5L V6128,000
The ignition coils keep going out we checked the ground wire to the transmission is good I have no idea what to do
Van stopped on road and would not restart. Burning electrical smell was coming from the engine while trying to restart. Took the vehicle to the a dealer for repair and they found the coils and ECU burned out due to short in the ground wire. Repair cost $3200. Less than 50 miles later, same symptoms occur and I am returning to the dealer for repair.
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