If not driven for several days, vehicle must be jumped to start on 2010 GMC Sierra 1500

We have had this problem for over a year. It has been to our trusted GMC dealer shop several times with no resolution of the problem. VERY FRUSRATING!! Help, please!

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Define SEVERAL days! 10-20 or more? Any add on equipment? Original AC Delco battery?
7 to 10 days; add on equipment - ham radio and emergency lights - Original AC Delco battery. We have asked the dealer's shop to check wiring on ham radio and emergency lights - supposedly no problem.
Once a Delco battery goes 'dead' it is pretty much shot!! Different electrolyte. This i know. Try an Interstate Megatron and fix this problem!
Nothing at all wrong with an AC battery, good stuff, but once they are drained completely, not many recover!
It is close to 4 years old by now, depending on battery production date!
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either cahrging system issues or a constant voltage draw. have they ck'd both?
Supposedly everything has been checked and nothing found. I lean toward the constant voltage draw, but don't know what could be draining the voltage.
could be anything from dome light socket to wiring. is it still under warranty?
re:'s still under warranty...under 10,000 miles on it.
I'm sure you won't like this , but in order to absolutely rule out the acc. lights and ham radio as current draw , maybe disconnect them for a couple of weeks. BUT .... maybe BEFORE that get a new battery, Agree with wetry on that.
Wetry and Ziptie, thank you for your words of wisdom. We will replace the battery and follow up with results!