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2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Question: If My SRS Warning light Came On,Does that Mean My Airbags can deploy at any time

NO accidents, No Collisions. My Supplemtal Restraint System Warning Light Came On. A Day Later my Passenger Warning Light Came on. The light Came on while driving a long distance. My main concern is, hoping the air bags dont deploy while driving over speed bumps or braking at a stop light....Might have to disconnect the passenger air bag module too be safe. still uncertain how to handle this.... -
Answer 1
whne the light is on they are disabled totally and will not work -
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thank you for replying....that is a little comforting to hear, i just dont need a suprise to pop out at me while driving.....thanks again -
Answer 2
Find a Tech or a shop that can retrieve the trouble codes in the SRS computer. That would be a full enhanced scan tool not a OBD2 code reader. -
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yeah your right...its called a scan tool (MUT-III sub assembly)but thats my next step taking it in. thanks for the reply back -