If my coolant gage rises and then my car overheats, what is this indicative of? on 1993 Pontiac Bonneville

As soon as I turned on my heat, it worked, but then I heard several gun like shot sounds. After my car was parked for several days, I saw what seemed to be antifreeze leaking from my car. I put in water, but the coolant gage goes up rather quickly, then overheats with smoke.

Take it to a auto repair shop and get it checked! No way we can tell you what that is.
I intend to take it to my garage. Oh, Madonna, Mia! Thank you!
Youa welcome! Wish we could be more help.
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WATER is NOT what the owners manual says to use. It boils WAY to easy. Hopefully your mechanic is told this info, and any other symptoms , for correct diagnosis. From your description , I wouldn't be suprised if it's blown headgaskets and or cracked cyl. head(s).Good luck.