If my car makes a clacking noise while driving in reverse what can it be? on 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

While backing up I here a clacking noise and had it checked up by a few mechanics and they say its my axle. Can it be my axle or transmission going out?

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Probably not axle!!!!!!!!! There are mechanics and then there are....well, people who don't have a clue about alien technology, i.e. Jetta. If it is a standard trans, they inherently make a whining noise in reverse, however, whining noise accompanied by a clacking noise, or a thud-thud-thud, is broken/damaged reverse gear in transmission. If it is automatic trans, it very well could be axles, yeah right, if you are doing a hundred in reverse turning left or right???????? Lol. Sorry, I get frustrated easy.
Can I fix the tran.. My self four that reverse