1997 Lincoln Continental Q&A

1997 Lincoln Continental Question: If I need to replace a hub assembly in the front, should I do both?

when getting my tires rotated, i was told the front drivers side was going. But have had the car 9 years and don't remember ever changing them. -
Answer 1
Either way, they both have the same mileage on them,one would think, so that is up to you, but the other one may run a long time. The only thing is you will have to visit the shop again IF it does go out. Get a good quality part, lots of junk out there. NAPA first line, or dealer, I think is a good choice. -
Answer 2
i would repl one at a time it it were me. its not like your saving money by doing them at the same time. besides the other could last another yr or so,u never know -