If GM has so many issues related to passlocks why do they not recall? on 2003 Saturn Ion

I have seen thousands of messages on the web begging for answers. All they get is huge charges from the service departments and a run-around from GM. Where is a maintenance bulletin? Anything to resolve this issue?

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Recalls are generally for Safety issues only. Independant shops can fix your car...find a good one in your area by asking friends or coworkers who they use.

Likley the ignition switch may be the problem. That the wear and tear part of the system. There is a TSB concerning a updated ignition switch but it also mentions that body control module may also be needed. I assume your car is setting a B2960 fault code. That is the first thing to check for ...then do the nessary pass lock test first before replaceing any parts.
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What issue's are you having? Maybe we can help with that but as far as any bulletin's, you can call GM for that info.
The car won't start intermittently. I have seen everything from changing the BCM, Cutting the passlock wire, changing the fuse box, replacing all the fuses, relearning the system, replacing the ignition,replacing the battery, and the list goes on. If it is such a known problem one would think the fix would be easy.

I own a Audi, Honda, 2 Fords, a Nissan (and numerous other cars in the past). But never a GM/Saturn. I have never seen so many consistent complaints where a recall was not invoked by the car company. It plagues almost their entire fleet of GM's from 2003-2008 and the ignore it.

Is there a single fix?