If blower motor resister needs replaced should the blower motor need to also? on 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

I took my Pacifica in because the fan was blowing at high all the time. They told my I need to replace the blower motor and the blower motor resister and the estimate for both is $436.31. They say once they get in they will know if I also need the Control for the AC replaced at a cost of $500 for the part alone. Does this sound reasonable?

I've seen where a blower motor can cause the resistor to fail, but it its rare, and I would try replacing the resistor first, if it isn't too much. Some resistors are around $25.00 and very easy to replace, I'm not sure about this one. Did they give you a quote for just the resistor? Have you considered taking it somewhere else for a second opinion?
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i didnt replace the motor after the resistor went out and mines been fine