Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Problem Report

Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Highter Than Nornal Idle Due to Vacuum Leak

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The throttle body gasket may develop a vacuum leak which may result in a higher than normal engine idle. Failed gaskets will require replacement.

engine idles too fast, wasting fuel, and making it unsafe at slow speeds, because i have to have my foot on the brake. carb cleaner sprayed at the base of the throttle body, when idling, is sucked through, causing the enging to bog down for a short time. I suspect a gasket failure. This problem has not been fixed yet. -
I start my engine in the morning, idle goes down but in 5mins. it's back up and then shut down, after that it's hard to start and keep running,after lifting one of the injection wire to keep from flooding out, until it start,I do this for a few min. and then it may start correctly. i really don't know the real problem, but it's a serious problem now for me, now Tran don't want to back up. -
higher than normal idle, just started looking for solution. -
Carbeureted so I need to hold the gas a bit to keep from stalling. Putting it on the scope soon. -
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