idles rough at low rpm has codes po 352 and po453 had old code po113 on 2001 Ford Escape

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idles rough at low rpm scan tool shows poor contibution from cylinder 2 and almost as bad with cylinder 3 goes good down the road doesnt stall but poor power on take off computer is not communicating with egr or o2 sensors either
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you have coil pak issues onn those cyl's, either wiring to coil paks or coil paks themselves. you also have an evap leak, rec smoke test to determine leak
replaced both coils and all six plugs no change the computer and wiring have been changed too. as well as egr but as i said the computer isnt communicating with egr or o2 sensors does the wiring to the egr pressure sensor have anything to do with all of them like if the pressure sensor is bad . there does not seem to be any vacuum at egr but if you route some from another sorce it is to strong
not sure which switches or solinoids operate egr but i asume both are there with vacuum lines and power, and not sure how to test to date have changed both and still no difference , when the vehicle bothers the most the battery light is on and blinking
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