idles rough and stalls on 1996 Nissan Sentra

We have a gremlin living in our 96 Sentra. It reveals itself intermittently. Its characteristics are-rough idle so rough the engine stalls. Sometimes I can feel a hesitation or drag at highway speeds. I have exhausted 3 mechanics with this problem 1 of them a top Nissan wrench in our area. We have replaced the Distributor,idle control motor and several sensors including the crank sensor. I have $800.00 into this problem and still haven't nailed it.. The car runs great when the gremlin is sleeping. HELP!!!

by in Yorkville, IL on September 26, 2010
0 answers
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could this be a bad EGR valve? I just completed a 300 mile trip, and it started running rough the last 20 miles, after climbing a long grade, 5,000 ft. from Phoenix to Flagstaff,AZ. It's a 1989 Nis...
The mass air flow (MAF) sensor can fail, causing various drivability problems. Our technicians remind us that proper diagnoses should be performed to confirm the cause of any driveability concerns.

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