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1997 Ford Contour Question: Idleing fast

my 1997 ford contour idles really fast when started. It takes about 1 to 2 min to drop down to normal running -
Answer 1
Have a look at the idle air control valve - it may be sticking. Also check to make sure all the hoses and tubes are connected correctly - you could have an air leak going into the intake. -
Comment 1
This is my parents car. They took it to a local repairman, (for the second time) who did something to it which made it run better "For Now Again". What ever he thought it might be, he said it would cost "Alot" to fix . Do you Still think it may be the idle air control? and I'm sorry to ask, where might this part be located? Thank You Dave -
Comment 2
Sounds vague! The idle air control valve is located at the intake manifold. Follow the rubber air tube from the air filter box to the engine. Where it meets the engine, that's where the cylindrical shaped idle air control valve is located. -
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