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2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser Question: idle speed control valve

my car has been sputtering when stopped at a light and also when driving, my mechanic said it was the idle speed control valve and would cost $800.00? I only have 24,000 miles on it. -
Answer 1
I would get a second opinion. That sounds kinda high for an Idle Valve replacement. Usually there is a way to clean them out at least once, even the drive by wire types. You can also try resetting the idle air adaption which can really help. I would do this after the throttle body is clean. Do you have a Check Engine Light Code that indicates for sure that the idle valve is defective, it is usually a P505 code. -
Answer 2
I just had the same problem and it turned out to be the MAP sensor that the mechanic leaned on and broke i replaced it and it cost me $18 dollars at Cerritos Chrylser -
Answer 3
thats insane!i just looked up prices for idle speed control valve and i see NONE thats even close to $800.00.BE VERY CAREFUL of machanics trying to rip you off,,,especially being female and not having much knowledge of vehicles. -
Answer 4
This is about a $75.00 and probably 1 hour labor. Sounds like it might be time for a new mechanic -
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