Idle speed control motor? on 1996 Honda Civic

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My car was idle for about two years and now i've started to drive it again in VA. The check engine light came on the day i started driving it. Since i also need an emissions inspection done, the mechanic failed it and told me that the Idle speed control motor needs to be cleaned, and then he'd see if that fixed the check engine light.

The price that he quoted me for the cleaning of the idle speed control motor, including an oil change, windshield wipers change and costs of inspection, and i guess labor is $300.

Does this sound normal? Thanks in advance.
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It sounds a little high ask for a break down of the labor charges and parts maybe its justifiable. I'm in CA or labor rate is $115 an hour. Cleaning the throttle butterfly is not that labor intensive, if the idle speed motor needs to removed to clean maybe thats the additional labor cost.