idle speed on 1990 Jeep Cherokee

Neither my owner's manual nor my repair manual mention what the idle speed in Park or Drive should be. The underhood emissions sticker states that all the engine parameters are fixed and do not need adjustment. Not a lot of help. Does anyone know what the warmed-up idle should be? Thanks.

by in San Mateo, CA on February 15, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 16, 2009
Your idle speed, timing, and spark plug gap should be on the emissions sticker under the hood. If you think the idle is low, check your throttle body for carbon buildup. I cleaned the throttle bore and butterfly on my Wrangler and it helped quite a bit. Spray a towel with cleaner and scrub the bore and blade edges. Mine was really caked on there. Don't spray directly on the throttle bore because this can damage the sensors on the throttle body. hope this helps
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