2002 Toyota Celica Q&A

2002 Toyota Celica Question: Idle speed

car idles at 2200rpm in park, how do I fix -
Answer 1
It is possibly an accelerator cable issue where the cable is frayed and sticking. On Celica's with cruise control I think the cable runs to the right front headlight area to the cruise control actuator cold have a problem with the cables there. Car has an idle air control motor under the throttle butterfly housing that could be stuck, low coolant level can cause high idle speed. -
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My cold start high idle doesn't work, is there a specific sensor for this - the engine temperature guage works fine.
My 1993 toyota celica is only idling at 200 rpm and when you ranit at mosy it reads about 300 rpm.
...ca. I noticed the that the r.p.m.s are at 1100 when the car is in neutral. The previous engine idle speed was set at 1000 r.p.m.s
I just replaced the engine in my celica. seems like its idling too high. It is idling at 1100 r.p.m.s the previous engine was set at 1000 r.p.m. the way the engine sounds like its set too high