Idle problems on 1997 Toyota T100

In the morning when I first start my truck it idles high until it warms up
As it warms up the idle slowly go's down to a perfect 850rpm
Once I start driving and have come to a stop the idle shoots up to 1800 then I have to stomp or tap on the pedal to bring the rpm down from that point the rpm won't go back to 850 the best I can get it at is 1100rpm
Funny thing is I had no problems until I cleaned the throttle body I wish I would've left it black and dirty at least it idled somewhat better

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Did you changed the throttle body gasket?
Check your throttle cables first possible binding....
No I didn't change the gasket because it looks good.
As far as the cable go's there are no noticeable problems throttle cable is loose when disengaged. Like I said, it was idling fine until I cleaned the throttle body about 2 years ago and after 2 years I'm about to loose my mind
Check engine light is on?
check engine light isn't on
Possible symptoms
Vacuum leak inspect the hoses
Idle air control valve- the valve is corroded it could be stuck
Intake manifold gasket leak or throttle body gasket leak
I took your advice and changed the throttle body gasket
Now for reasons I can't explain;
When I first start it in the morning the idle starts out at 850rpm and steadily moves up to 1800rpm's that's totally backwards from last week
But the driving part hasn't changed. The idle still shoots up to 1800 when coming to a stop
Today I'm going to pull the cable out and check it but I think I'll just be wasting time. You know I did buy a idle air control valve from a auto wrecker installed it but no change is it possible that one could be bad also. And what are the possibility's of it being the mass airflow sensor sending bad info to the throttle body?
Try unplug the maf sensor
And start the vehicle see if it makes difference.