Idle iratic(& very low), stubble/hesitate at crusie/accell, a/c on almost stall? on 1991 Nissan Pathfinder

Back ground info: Vg30e 5 speed, 4x4 cailfornia model

Problem started out of no where it seems, full tune up 5k ago, ran great the whole time untill now, run's fine when this "issue" is not acting up! It Causes Idle to drop very low(like 450-500 almost stalls) then 3-4 second later it will shoot up to about 1000-1100(then idles back down again to low rough idle) and repeats, If I drive it and crusie at say 2500rpm and keep it dead on RPM sometimes you can feel it Stubble/Hesitate almost the same as at idle(feels like losing 50-150 rpm then it comes back, and repeats untill i let off the pedel or accell through "it" so sometimes it will want to stall out from a take off as well ( seems like it drops to like 500 stubbles a bit then catch's up and the rpms go up and it will go!)

Got codes 45 / 33 (leaky injector/O2) o2 sensor is new and Injectors where cleaned... Doesnt seem to be either cause it can run so well at times, but then so bad others!

Cleaned/checked all the sensor plugs, doesnt seem to make a difference, fluid levels are all up, Intermentent problem but becoming more and more a problem everyday... Thanks

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