idle fuse replacement on 1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

My car is a 1987 560 sec mercedes benz and I can't get the idle fuse out to change it . My car idles really fast and I was told to change the fuse . I can't get the fuse housing for the fuse open .Thank you , Debbie

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If the ABS light is on with a very fast idle check the fuse under the snap cap on the overvoltage relay located
on the driver's side near the fire wall. Removing the relay may make it easier to remove the fuse. Just wiggle it and pull up. If the fuse looks good, replace the relay. Good Luck, Gjay
Good Luck,
Gjay 1990 560SEC
I used to have the same problem on my 1987, 560sec.After wrong diagnosis by dealer to replace idle speed control. I have replaced overvoltage protection relay and the problem has been solved.
Just got my 89 Mercedes 560SEL yesterday. It idles at 800 rpm when cold, 1800 rpm when warm. ABS light is on, an it idles a little rough, sounds like a vacuum leak. It has 128000 miles. Thanks!