Idle air control motors may become carboned up at 100,000 miles on Toyota 4Runner

The idle air control motors tend to become carboned up at around 100,000 miles and will cause a start and stall and/or stalling at stop sign problems. Our technicians tell us that many times these valves can be cleaned, however, the sure bet is to replace the idle air control motor and clean the throttle body.

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Average mileage: 227,000 (227,000–227,000)
3 model years affected: 1995, 1996, 1997
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1997 Toyota 4Runner227,000
I was having this problem at 227k, was worse in warmer weather, particularly when starting after engine was already warm (eg, after getting gas). I would start it, and it would stall out right away before ever putting it in gear. Changed IAC valve with ebay part, cleaned throttle body at same time. $100, problem gone.
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