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Toyota RAV4 Idle air control motors may become carboned up at 100,000 miles

Toyota RAV4 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1996, 1997, 1999, 2004

Average Mileage: 165,424 mi (107,000 mi - 225,698 mi)

The idle air control motors tend to become carboned up at around 100,000 miles and will cause a start and stall and/or stalling at stop sign problems. Many times these valves can be cleaned, however, the sure bet is to replace the idle air control motor and clean the throttle body.
  • Visitor, , 225,698 mi

    idal up and down /and can"t pull up hills

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  • Visitor, , 173,000 mi

    Shakes, jumps , vibrates & sometimes dies but, only while in idle for example while sitting at traffic light, or stop sign . it has NO regular routine times it does it times it does not , i have noticed if you stop the eng. let it sit 5 min. or more it is fine maybe for 1 mile maybe 100 miles. i have used some of the best fuel system cleaner one can buy
    still it returns in short time span .

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