iddling on 2002 Ford Mustang

When I turn the car on it iddles above 1 rpm ifor about 2. Minutes and then it goes to normal is that normal or is something wrong

by in Phoenix, AZ on September 24, 2010
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ANSWER by , September 24, 2010
It could be normal, as the engine will rev higher warming up. However, you could have a vacuum leak, an unmetered air leak (air tube, air box), sticking idle air control valve also. Two minutes DOES seem a bit long for a 2002. Do you have any modifications on the car? This could affect strategy too (such as modified air intake...etc...)
COMMENT by , September 25, 2010
It does have an exhaust leak and head gasket valve is leaking oil
COMMENT by , September 25, 2010
Exhaust leaks at the exhaust manifold can cause issues, but if you're talking muffler/tailpipe, probably not. The head gasket / valve cover leaking oil cannot cause idle issues. Like Pvt-Public stated - it indeed isn't terribly a big deal at 1000 - 1200 RPM for a short time, but higher is definitely abnormal.
ANSWER by , September 25, 2010
That's not 1 it is 1000 Rpm. How much above 1000? 1100, 1200 I would say no big deal, but if it is up at 1800 1900 you need to look at the cold idle circuit.