ibration in breaks until ABS and Traction control light comes on on 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

I'm having the same problem as far as the ABS and Traction control light coming on. I have a 05 chevy Equniox and when ever I start the truck and go to pull off the brakes starts to vibrate and is hard to stop until the ABS and Traction control light comes on and then your able to brake with no problem but the lights stay on. I just replaced the rotors, brake pad & abs wheel speed sensor and still have the same problem with abs and traction control light coming on...Any advise of what next to do??

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Get it checked out by a GM specialist ASAP. Sounds like the ABS system is malfunctioning and the system is activated whenever the car is in motion, as if a wheel were skidding. When the lights are on, the systems are shut down and although the conventional brakes still work, you don't have ABS or Trac control at the time.
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