1996 Ford Probe Q&A

1996 Ford Probe Question: IAC Valve and Cooling Problems

Where is the Idle Air control valve located? Is it on the throttle body or on the right side of the engine below the cylinder head? Also not very often my temp guage will rise above normal, then go back down. Is it a thermostat or does the radiator need to be flushed? -
Answer 1
The ISC (idle speed control) valve is attached to the throttle body. A diagnosis of your cooling system will need to be performed to properly determine the intermittent cause of the high engine temperature. The thermostat may be sticking, or the cooling fan may be failing. If you take it in to have it checked, try to be able to duplicate the problem for the mechanic. Here are some tips on addressing intermittent problems - http://repairpal.com/blog/Addressing_Intermittent_problems -