1991 Volvo 240 Q&A

1991 Volvo 240 Question: I would like to know where the camshaft position sensor is located.

this car was running fine and then cut off. started only once since ran for a minute fine tried to drive the vehicle, started moving but once I pushed the accelerator it cut out again. gas is getting to the engine and it turns over just wont start except for a few spits every once and a while. -
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I read that occasionally oil seeps under the lifters holding the valves open, preventing compression. Possible solution is hold it to the floor and keep cranking till it starts. I read possibly as long as 80 seconds but dont crank it more than 120 seconds to avoid starter damage. Otherwise cam sensor should be held on cylinder head with a single bolt. Its a small black plastic sensor with wire attached.Most likely toward rear/transmission side of engine. Hope this helps Joe, Dave Gold -
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Hey Dave, with a SOHC is this top side of the engine or underneath? -