I would like to know where the ac compressor / cluttch relay switch is located a on 1995 Ford Escort

my ac compressor/clutch has no pwer going to the mechanism , the relay is blown i dont know where it is to replace relay ?

it may be low in freon. the low pressure switch prevents the compressor from coming on until it has a certain pressure. i would have that checked first befroe going to the electrical system

no the system is fully charged 28 o/z of freon bye a ligit shop ,but the two wire plug that goes to a/c compressor/clutch when disconnected from the unit and checked for current shows no power to the unit, need to find relay to this part , but need to find location of the relay in engine compartment !
The A/C Relay is located at the RH rear corner of the engine compartment, on safety wall.

this the only info alldata has about the relay.

Is that the drivers side or the passenger ?
passenegr side

thanks roy ,u did the hard part ! Now let me switch the relay out and see if that changes things! get back 2 u later if succesful , Gracias Chito !
good luck

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driver side under the air filer in a black box got to replace the box 80.00-125.00