I would like to know about 'Valve Covered Gaskets"? Do I really need one? on 2004 BMW 745i

I just recently put a control arm in and now it is something, else. We are tight for money and I want to know, if I do not get the 'valve covered' gasket fixed if it will cause major damage in the long run, I cannot afford to get it fixed right away, will be by the end of the month and was wondering if that would cause issues. Here is the issue, I am continually having alternator issues, although that is not the case at this time the repair guy says, that due to the leaks it may be getting on my alternator belts and causing me to continally have alternator problems. I had a new alternator in 2008, a rebuilt in 2011 and so far so good on the used, everyone is saying the battery..but he attributes my issues possibly to the oil you think there is a connection??? Please let me know..thanks

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oil in alt will cause issue and valve cover gaskets will cause oil in alt
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BMW shop doing the work? History decribed doesn't sound like it . May be less $$ and aggravation in the long run , to have it serviced by BMW OR an independant that SPECIALIZES in Beemers.
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