i was told this at the parts store after they plugged their device in my van- on 1999 GMC Savana 1500

camshaft to crankshaft position crrelation fault and distributor has to be phased out.what,if anything does that mean.

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seek a diag and est from a good mech as not to waste time and money
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The pcm is seeing a problem with the cam and crankshaft not being in time. You have a sensor that shows the position of the camshaft, and one the shows the position of the crankshaft. They should both be reading that the engine is on is at TDC when it rotates past the sensor. If there is any difference, the computer can't adjust the timing correctly. You need to have a mechanic check the cam and crank sensor along with the timing belt or chain. If it is stretched it will cause the sensor to be out of sync.
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