2007 Toyota Camry Q&A

2007 Toyota Camry Question: I was told it is the vavel seals were demage. How much is this?

my car smokes white upon start up. -
Answer 1
if it blows white smoke you could have head gasket going -
Answer 2
It is possible the head gasket is leaking, should be loosing coolant as well. Valve seal leakage is fairly common on this engine but usually with high mileage. Try switching to a high mileage oil may help. My 2002 same eng. does the same thing but the cost /time for seal replacement aint worth it and i can do it myself! Wont hurt a thing, unless smoking all the time. Just keep a check on the oil level, mine doesn't use any oil but i change it, about, every 3k miles and use Valvoline Maxlife oil. -
Answer 3
agree with both -