I was told by clay Subaru "center pipe is rotted and has small leaks by the rear on 2004 Subaru Impreza Outback

hanger and the baffle. Will need a new center pipe and muffler/flang Cost $1082.

Can I get it done with Subaru parts at none Subaru shop?
Is Meineke Car Care Center in Norwood Good? Or is better to pay more and use Subaru?
How much do you think they will charge?

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Get a quote from Meineke or an independent shop that uses quality exhausts perhaps Bosal parts or good parts!Subaru cat converters do give some bother and the new Subaru cat is better than inferior quality parts. Get quotes and find out what brand name parts are going to be used.
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Any repair shop can use Subaru parts, and this is what I would recommend. Meineke will not use factory parts, and there is a difference in quality in terms of soud, and how long the replacement will last.
I would bet the majority of the cost is the parts pricing.