I was stopped at a trafffic light when my 530 XI stalled. on 2006 BMW 530xi

Got a fuel pump control message. Took it to repair shop and the computer said low voltage, etc. Repair guy said I should not worry about it unless it happens again. Said he had not seen this eveent in 25 yrs. Should I panic?

by in Huntsville, AL on May 14, 2013
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ANSWER by on May 14, 2013
seek a 2nd opinion b4 you break down
COMMENT by on May 14, 2013
Did that and they said the same thing. One shop had never seen or heard of the message. They said I could be replacing the fuel pump for nothing and spending around $1K.I guess I will wait to see if it happens again ... hoping for the best. If someone knows from their experience with this message that the pump is bad I will replace it. For now hoping for the best. Thanks!

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