I was quoted $5,500.oo replace a timing chain is this high? the on 2000 Ford Explorer

I am told it will take 1900 hours to replace timimg chain
for the cost of $5,500.00 the car is only making noise
he suggested a repair kit first for the cost of $300.00
if i have to have the chain repaired i would be better off replacing my engine for the cost of $7,500.00 is this out of line? it don't even think the car blue book is even that high

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Way too high...you could about replace the whole engine for that price. Get a different quote from another shop. 19 hours?? Maybe with naps and beer runs and lunch breaks factored in.
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This is absolutely too high..I would report this repair shop to what State agency handles complaints and fraud charges from car repair shops in your state..for the price you were quoted you could by a new complete engine assembly and only have to add about $500.00 more to have it installed. Timing chain problems are costly but not that high...
Yes, that is way to high... Go to a different repair shop.. Should pay NO MORE than 2000.00 TOPS !!!!!