i was driving my van and everything just died. no dummy lights or gauges came on on 2006 Mazda MPV

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tried to restart van it rolls over but wont start. there was no sounds or indicator lights or gauges the let on to be anything wrong. ran in my driveway for about 30 mins got five mins away from my house and it just died and wont start. tries hard to start but wont. help me please
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cant get any codes as van wont start to run diagnostic test. fuel pump is pumping fuel but van seems like it is not getting any gas.reley is also good. oh and when i try and start it now the fuel gauge goes to empty, i have 3/4 of a tank

You really need to take the vehicle to someone who knows what they are doing. You don't need the vehicle to run to retrieve codes.
It's clear you don't know what you are doing.
well that was very rude but yes with this machine u do i even phoned the manufacture of it who said if the check engine light is not on or engine will not start the computer will not read, but thanks for being so helpful
The "machine" u have is a piece of junk. If you think that was rude. The lights and gages are not the only "dummy".
Mr. Bodas I'm sorry but she had that coming.
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