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2005 Ford Explorer Question: I want to know if the bsi (brake shift lock) would cause know brake lights

I've check fuses replaced brake light switch on peddle. I still have know brake lights and won't come out park unless I use override switch. I'm going to replace bsi hoping will correct both shifting and brake light problem. Thanks, Kriz -
Answer 1
NO, the shift lock is NOT the problem with the brake lights! You have missed the bad (open) fuse or there is a wiring problem to the brake light switch. Check for voltage going to the switch and coming out of the switch, or have it checked. Fix the lights and that will/should fix the shifter as well. -
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agree with pushrod -
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Hey, thanks for get back to me, problem solved #25 fuse under hood bad. Kriz -
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Cool! Glad to help. -
Answer 2
is there power at the stoplamp switch? have you checked the bulbs? does 3rd brakelamp come on? glad you got it fixed -