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2012 Honda Insight Question: I want to get my car service for the first time, how much is this gonna cost?

this is first time when I am gonna take my car for service is it good to take at any service center or should I take it to dealer? And how much will it cost, there is no damage what so ever to my car? -
Answer 1
take it to the dealer .How many miles on it?Is it parked out doors. Let me know , I can tell you what to expect them to sell/tell you and what would be realistic.HONDA PARTS FOR HONDA CARS! ...I believe same for any other make. Factory parts are best.EXCEPT for a YUGO.(oops) -
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just 4000 miles -
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Technically by miles you're not even due for your first oil change yet.What percentage of oil life does your maintenance minder say you have left?... THAT said... mostly just a thorough inspection (visual) ,they should 'pull' the VIN status to check for any recent product updates (usually software updates on the hybrids),or recalls, if any. If you're in a dusty or high pollen area or park under trees, they might recommend an A/C cabin filter (ask to see it)and remember ..just like a vacuum cleaner it's the fine dust particles that clog the filter not the big easy-to-see chunks of debris. Tire rotation by about 8K depending on driving habits/road conditions. PLEASE read your owners manual! that will save you a lot of time and money!!! GOOD luck ENJOY THE RIDE!!! -
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Oil is showing 40%. Thanks a lot you reply really helped. Thanks :) -