i want the code number for my radio it is security lock on 2006 Honda Civic

kindly provide me with the car stereo code number

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Actually... the code for the radio is usually posted on the side of the glove box... so... when you open it you can see the sticker... I've heard that sometimes they put the sticker on the door jam... The reason they have the code of course is so when someone steals your radio it will not work for them because they do not have the code... :) ...
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put the code 35431
The code is provided when the new car is purchased, or Honda certified used. If you purchased it this way then look through your paper work for a card with the radio code on it. If not then you will have to go to the dealer to have the radios serial number pulled from the radio and then they can get the code from Honda. Most dealers will charge a fee for this.
It is on the side of your glove box facing the driver.