i wanna know why i had to replace my rear end diff on 2008 Dodge Ram 1500

i have replaced my rear end spider gears once befor around 36000 miles it is now at 63333 miles and i have to replace the entire rear end differential. does anybody know whats up with this trucks rear end?? PLEASE HELP!!!

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definately sounds like a material defect i would be screaming for mfg to cover under warranty
i thought warranty only covers 3 year or 30000 miles
the load you are carrying could be a factor. what was all replaced??
if it was not set up correctly, that would cause pre mature failure.

dont carry much for loads but when i relaced it the first time i just replaced the spider gearswith beefier gears from jawsgears.com
ok, i would check the carrier itself. if it is worn and the teeth mesh is off with the spiders, that will cause the failure.
i always recommend using oem parts. aftermarket parts don't always mix well with old parts in the rear.
thank you i am curently replacing it with a rebuilt dealer rear diff. ill post back on how it turns out.