i used mobile 1 the right grade of oil 0-40 on 2006 Chrysler Crossfire

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i used 0-40 mobile oil when i crank it up it make a tappin noise in about 5 minutes it goes away
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The 0-40W light weight synthetic oil should get up and pump around the engine quickly.You may had a bad hydraulic lifter.I don't see any Technical Service Bulletins regarding any lubrication issues with that engine.That is a more unique car have you checked the Crossfire specific car forums?
The induction-hardened, forged-steel camshafts are hollow to minimize weight. The camshaft and crankshaft sprocket teeth are rubber coated, making chain noise indiscernible from other engine noise.

Engine Oil (3.2L Engine) Only use synthetic engine oils, approved to MB 229.3 or MB 229.5, such as Pennzoil Platinum® European Formula SAE 5W-40. The FSS may not alert for an oil change at the proper interval if an unapproved engine oil is used; engine damage and reduced engine life may result. 1 Quart - 05127394AB 8.5 Quarts. This the OEM recommendation. 0-40 is above and beyond the factory recommendation.