2000 Kia Sportage Q&A

2000 Kia Sportage Question: i unhocked ground cabel and welded my tail pipe back on, now my gas gauage is on

and the low fuel lights on ? please help its my MOTHER INLAWS i checked all fueses -
Answer 1
Was it on before? How much gas in tank? We weld on exhaust systems all the time without any problems! I don't think it's related unless you arced welder to tank, surely not??? -
Comment 1
yes it worked before i just unhooked ground cable,and no i didnot weld on tank LOL positive was on when i welded on it i just unhooked ground THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP -
Comment 2
Anything else not working? BTW, unhooking ground did not help this at all.! -
Comment 3
BTW-? DO you unhook any-thing when you weld on cars i did it before to , and no problems, THANKZ BRO,THANK YOU PUSHROD. -
Comment 4
Just be sure the welders ground clamp is close to the spot where you are welding and grounded well to the same piece you'er welding on!! Never had a problem! -