i unhocked ground cabel and welded my tail pipe back on, now my gas gauage is on on 2000 Kia Sportage

and the low fuel lights on ? please help its my MOTHER INLAWS i checked all fueses

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Was it on before? How much gas in tank? We weld on exhaust systems all the time without any problems! I don't think it's related unless you arced welder to tank, surely not???
yes it worked before i just unhooked ground cable,and no i didnot weld on tank LOL positive was on when i welded on it i just unhooked ground THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP
Anything else not working? BTW, unhooking ground did not help this at all.!
BTW-? DO you unhook any-thing when you weld on cars i did it before to , and no problems, THANKZ BRO,THANK YOU PUSHROD.
Just be sure the welders ground clamp is close to the spot where you are welding and grounded well to the same piece you'er welding on!! Never had a problem!